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Contact Lenses for Short-sighted/Long-sighted

For a short-sighted person, close objects are clear, but distant objects are blurred and difficult to distinguish. Almost the opposite, for a long-sighted person, distant objects may be clear but up close objects may appear blurry.

You probably already know if you’re short-sighted or long-sighted. Explore your choices then ask your eye care professional if Bausch + Lomb contact lenses are right for you.

Ultra Lenses

Ultra contact lens with MoistureSeal® technology provides excellent comfort, health and vision.

PV 2
PureVision2 HD contact lenses
PureVision2 contact lenses deliver the clear, crisp vision that you should demand - designed to reduce halos and glare - especially in low light condition. This lens offers outstanding comfort and breathability.
SL Daily
SofLens daily disposable contact lenses

SofLens daily disposable contact lenses combine outstanding all-day comfort with incredibly crisp, clear vision, especially in low light condition. SofLens daily disposable delivers all the fresh, new lens benefits of a daily disposable lens and much more - giving you the ultimate lens-wearing experience.

Biotrue Lens
Biotrue ONEday contact lenses
Biotrue ONEday lenses: Designed to work like your eyes, for comfortable vision throughout the day.
SL 59
SofLens 59 Contact Lenses

SofLens 59 is an ideal choice for first-time users. it's UNIFIT design makes it easy to fit most eyes without much hassle.

SL 38
SofLens 38 Contact Lenses
SofLens 38 is a soft lens with time-tested material that provides crisp, clear vision and longwearing comfort.

Always read the label. Use only as directed. Your optometrist will advise you whether this product is suitable for you. If symptoms persist see your optometrist.

We recommend you to buy only genuine Bausch + Lomb products from authorized dealers or retail stores.

Please contact Bausch + Lomb if you have for any enquires.