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Vision and Age

Baby's Eyes
In this critical first year, your baby’s brain and eyes begin to coordinate images and remember what they’ve seen.
Child Eyes
Learn about vision development in children, the importance of eye exams and signs to watch for in your child’s eyes.
Teenager Eyes
It’s important in your teenage years that your eyes stay healthy - good vision is vital for just about every activity you choose—and you want to keep your 20/20 vision for many years to come.
20s and 30s Eyes
If you’re doing the right things to help maintain good health, your eyesight will stay at the same level for a decade or more.
40s and 50s Eyes
As you reach your forties or fifties, you’ll notice that just about everyone in your age group uses some type of vision correction, like glasses or multi-focal contact lenses.
60+ Eyes
It’s a fact of life that your eyesight changes as you get older, sometimes significantly—but this doesn’t have to compromise your lifestyle.